Urge to kill... Rising...

I'm a generally peaceful person. Mostly because I'm lazy, but still. I have a few things I care very deeply about, my own set of rules. However, I find it very hard not to take... physical action when people don't respect my few, easy rules.


You don't need to watch any of his videos, you don't even have to click the link. I'm going to explain what this link is.

This guy has taken 40 different Hosts and purposefully desecrated them, each in a different way. He records each desecration and posts them on YouTube for the purpose of ticking Catholics off.

Geez. I'm ticked. Good job.


Is that it? Surely you could of found a better way to waste your time, sir. You are in my prayers. But really. What was the point? To show off how much of a jerk you can be? To show that Catholics really DO care about the Host? How do you profit? By getting death threats from people who aren't good at controlling their anger?

Jesus did say to turn the other cheek. So, sorry, no threats from me. Not to say I don't WANT to do something. I just take my religion seriously. Sorry you don't feel the same way.


The Mother said...

The proper response is reparation. We must do penance for this unhappy man. What sacrifice will you offer to make amends for him?

nixnay said...

yea, lisen 2 your mama