Dukey don't play dat.

I know, I know. I posted. End of the world. Kablooey.

Now that we're done being amazed and can wipe up the gooey, exploded pieces of our brains...

Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri is set to have his powers trimmed by parliament in a row over euthanasia legislation.

Gee... That's... Nice of them.

'Luxembourg was plunged into a constitutional crisis on Tuesday after the sovereign, Grand Duke Henri, threatened to block a law legalizing euthanasia if it is passed by parliament.

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker responded by saying the country would change its constitution to reduce the powers of the sovereign, who traditionally stays above the political fray.

"Because we wish to avoid a constitutional crisis, but at the same time respect the opinion of the Grand Duke, we are going to take out the term 'approve' from article 34 of the constitution and replace it with the word 'promulgate,'" said Juncker, a move which would scrap the sovereign's formal power to block laws.'

Oh! Dang! The Duke trying to use his power, better change the constitution!

The revision is expected to happen before the end of the year.

"That means he will only technically enact laws," said Mr. Juncker, quoted by Reuters news agency. "

A parliamentary source said that the 53-year-old Grand Duke, in power since 2000, had informed party leaders on Monday that he would not sign the law "for reasons of conscience," in a break from the sovereign's traditional political neutrality.

"I understand the Grand Duke's problems of conscience. But I believe that if the parliament votes in a law, it must be brought into force," Juncker said earlier, despite his own personal opposition to the bill.


Anyone know the patron saint of Luxembourg?

Quotes from AFP and BBC News