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First of all... D: OMG-I'm-so-sorry-I-didn't-realize-how-blunt/rude-my-second-entry-was! I doooo want to come to dinner, I'm just annoyed my church scheduled the haunted forest on the same night. So... Can has forgiveness? :3

Number two: Xin Wuku, Urban Ninja

Totally awesome guy. If you've never heard of him, what you're missing out on is basically a modern ninja.

Xin Wuku [calls himself the "Son of Heaven"] is self taught martial artist. His family escaped from Cambodia and came to America, where he's lived most of his life. Interested in martial arts from a young age, Xin slowly learned by copying from old Kung Fu movies and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When he was about 15/16, Xin met his hero, Jackie Chan, at the local Walmart where Chan was signing his new autobiography. When Xin reached the head of the signing line, he greeted Chan with a "Nihao" and asked to join his stunt team. Jackie laughed and said, "Maybe when you're a little older."

From that day on, Xin trained his body and mind to be the best martial artist in the world. With a small fan base and a name in big shows like "American Gladiators", Xin's fame slowly rises to the top.

However, Xin may be most famous for his YouTube video, Urban Ninja.



Enjoy Summer Break when You Hate the Summer - wikiHow

I made a request for a guide on WikiHow and someone answered it! :D I'll actually follow this guide next summer, I swear!

Enjoy Summer Break when You Hate the Summer - wikiHow

How to Enjoy Summer Break when You Hate the Summer

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

How to enjoy Summer Break when you hate Summer.


  1. Friends. At school, you see your friends (or atleast other kids) every single day without having to do anything - but during Summer Break, it's a bit harder. If you feel lonely, just remember that other students may be feeling the exact same way. To stop yourself getting lonely, try and organize days out, sleepovers or just meet-up times with your friends before the holidays begin.
    • If your friends have all gone on holiday, or you don't have many, try joining a club or group. You'll meet new people, and have something to occupy yourself with!

  2. Things to do. Maybe the reason you dislike the Summer Break is because there is nothing to do. All that free time! Well, it may surprise you to hear that there is lots to do!
    • Go to the cinema
    • Take up a sport
    • Get a hobby, e.g. photography
    • Get a part time job, which will take up time, look good on your CV and give you some money
    • Become involved with a charity
    • Learn an instrument
    • Go out shopping
    • Read a book or watch the TV
    • Go to a nightclub
    • Go to the beach
    • Write
    • take up a videogame with friends. summer melts away.

  3. Weather. Is that the problem? Just too hot? Well, that's easily fixed - holiday somewhere with a cooler climate! Iceland, anybody? If that's not possible, try to do indoor activities, where you'll atleast have some ventilation, and keep a cool drink with you at all times. The heat isn't really that bad, anyway. If it's tanning you're worried about, wear SPF50 or above when outside.


  • Keep your friends contacts in a phonebook or stored on your computer, so you'll always be able to reach them!
  • Keep an open mind to new activies - you never know what you might like!
  • LAZE ABOUT A BIT! You don't have to fill every second of your holidays with activites. Have a rest, and return to school rejuvinated and ready to learn.
  • go on wikis and contribute.


  • Asking the same people to go out and do things with you constantly can get a bit annoying...

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And Russia was all, "MOTHERLAND!"

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Do yah know what this is? Do yah? DO YAH? No. No, you don't. I'll give you a hint. It's Russian. A Russian HOLE. A really, really DEEP one.

Over forty years ago, researchers in the Soviet Union began an ambitious drilling project whose goal was to penetrate the Earth's upper crust and sample the warm, mysterious area where the crust and mantle intermingle– the Mohorovičić discontinuity, or "Moho." So deep is this area that the Russian scientists had to invent new ways of drilling, and some of their new methods proved quite inventive. But despite the valiant effort which spanned several decades, the Russians never reached their goal, and many of the Earth's secrets were left undiscovered. The work done by the Soviets did, however, provide a plethora of information about what lies just beneath the surface, and it continues to be scientifically useful today. The project is known as the Kola Superdeep Borehole.

... "Superdeep Borehole." What.

Today, the deepest hole ever created by humankind lies beneath the tower enclosing Kola's drill. A number of boreholes split from the central branch, but the deepest is designated "SG-3," a hole about nine inches wide which snakes over 12.262 kilometers (7.5 miles) into the Earth's crust. The drill spent twenty-four years chewing its way to that depth, until its progress was finally halted in 1994, about 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) short of its 15,000-meter goal.

It's deep.

Despite the scientists' efforts to combat the heat by refrigerating the drilling mud before pumping it down, at twelve kilometers the drill began to approach its maximum heat tolerance. At that depth researchers had estimated that they would encounter rocks at 100°C (212°F), but the actual temperature was about 180°C (356°F)– much higher than anticipated. At that level of heat and pressure, the rocks began to act more like a plastic than a solid, and the hole had a tendency to flow closed whenever the drill bit was pulled out for replacement. Forward progress became impossible without some technological breakthroughs and major renovations of the equipment on hand, so drilling stopped on the SG-3 branch. If the hole had reached the initial goal of 15,000 meters, temperatures would have reached a projected 300°C (572°F).

It's hot.

Kola was not the first nor the last attempt at drilling a superdeep borehole, but it has been the most successful so far. In 1957 the United States embarked on a similar project dubbed Project Mohole, but that attempt to drill through the ocean floor was cancelled due to lack of funding. Today, the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program seeks to penetrate the much thinner crust of the ocean floor to probe the Earth's lower crust.

The Kola Superdeep Borehole is still a scientifically useful site, and research there is ongoing. The huge repository of core samples are housed at Zapolyarniy, about 10 kilometers south of the borehole. Today the site is managed by the State Scientific Enterprise on Superdeep Drilling and Complex Investigations in the Earth's Interior as the Deep Geolaboratory.

And America couldn't reproduce it. Russia, you are now in my Top 8 again.

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- z


Hark! I have heard tell of a wondrous thing!

They are called "mix tapes" and intrigue me greatly. I have known of such an idea for sometime now... However! I had been unable to study them at great length till I heard of great invention restore the humble cassettes their former glory. Behold:

Okay, not ACTUALITY tapes but still. The website quotes as follows:

Remember the days before digital music and MP3 players? If you do, then you probably made mixed tapes of all your favorite music to share with your friends and school crushes on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes! If you miss the 80's and making mix tapes, this product will inspire you again!

Create your own unique mix tape


Store your own mix on the USB stick by plugging into your PC or Mac, then add MP3 or any other files to the USB stick.

Stores up to 1 hour of high quality digital music - the same amount as you get on a C60 cassette tape. Perfect for creating your own unique compilation or mix 'tape'. When you have 60 minutes you have to think carefully about what you are going to put on there! Write your own title, messages and play list all over the retro gift pack.


6 different designs to collect

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Urge to kill... Rising...

I'm a generally peaceful person. Mostly because I'm lazy, but still. I have a few things I care very deeply about, my own set of rules. However, I find it very hard not to take... physical action when people don't respect my few, easy rules.


You don't need to watch any of his videos, you don't even have to click the link. I'm going to explain what this link is.

This guy has taken 40 different Hosts and purposefully desecrated them, each in a different way. He records each desecration and posts them on YouTube for the purpose of ticking Catholics off.

Geez. I'm ticked. Good job.


Is that it? Surely you could of found a better way to waste your time, sir. You are in my prayers. But really. What was the point? To show off how much of a jerk you can be? To show that Catholics really DO care about the Host? How do you profit? By getting death threats from people who aren't good at controlling their anger?

Jesus did say to turn the other cheek. So, sorry, no threats from me. Not to say I don't WANT to do something. I just take my religion seriously. Sorry you don't feel the same way.