So, I need to get to work on my costume. >> Me and a bunch of folk I know are being the Mafia. I needs ma fedora. We need to get to the thrift store fast.

So, my CYO was going to have the haunted forest we host ON Halloween, which won't work because I trick-or-treat. STFU, I'm not too old. And a bunch of other people couldn't make it either, so we moved it to the previous Saturday. Turns out we have something that night. ARRRRGH. WHAT YOU SAY. So I was like, "Too bad, I'ma skippin' to be at the haunted forest." And the Mother was like, "Over my dead body." And I was like, "Well, $#!7."



And I was gonna be a zombie @ el foresto too! "Haunted forest over, dinner w/ friends equals very yes? That's not a good prize!"

It ANNOYED me. Very much so. Note to self: Hire someone to replace me at dinner.

- Z

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$#!+ said...

usually I spel it $#!+ but this is better. did the haunted forest get rained out?